Scrap Caravans in Essex

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Scrap Caravans in Essex

Over the past 20 years we have recognised that it can be tricky to find a place in Essex which will scrap a caravan, camper van or motor home, as most of the time they are repaired until they fall apart, or are left dumped in landfill and burnt out on roadsides in Essex. We offer a professional scrapping service for caravans, motor homes and camper vans in and around the London area and even offer you cash for your unwanted vehicle!

Caravans usually fetch between £50 and £1000 in Essex but camper vans and motor homes can get up to £2000 as there are more useful components on self drive vehicles rather than towable caravans.

Often when we strip caravans, we will strip the interior and sell on any useful parts in Essex which are in good condition, then use the metal exterior to melt down and sell to the metal merchant to make new parts for vehicles.

The only type of caravans, motor homes and campers we cannot take away in Essex are static caravans and those weighing over 3.5 tons as our recovery vehicle will not be able to hold the weight. If you have a static caravan in Essex which you want scrapping, we may be able to make an exception and hire a flat bed truck if it would benefit us from doing so. We will not charge for the collection of vehicles in Essex under 3.5 tons, but if you are willing to scrap your static, we would have to charge for the hire of a flat bed truck which would be much more capable of transporting the heavier load.

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